Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Aldrich - Site Lines: Four Solo Exhibitions Engaging Place

The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art is hosting a new show from May 1- February 5, 2017 called Site Lines: Four Solo Exhibitions Engaging Place. This series of exhibitions will also feature David Brooks, Peter Liversidge, and Virginia Overton, presenting site-specific commissions, ranging from sculpture to drawing and performance-based works.
Kim Jones, Untitled (Big Wheel), 1973-1985-1999
Courtesy of the artist and ZENO X GALLERY, Antwerp

The exhibitions will encompass both the monumental and the ephemeral, intersecting, interconnecting, or mirroring the Museum's interior galleries and two-acre sculpture garden, as well as the surrounding community. The artists will utilize materials found on or indigenous to the grounds and the area, offering a response to "site" that underscores the institution's material history and its visual condition by transforming scale and circumstance.
The works will seek to "frame" the interiority of the galleries against the natural landscape while also accentuating the Museum's unique architectural features, such as a pitched roofline, paned windows, and a room-scale camera obscura.
Viewers will be able to respond to works from multiple vantage points as they move around the Museum's galleries, grounds, and the environs. Gravel Mirror (1968), a work by the influential artist and writer Robert Smithson, incorporated gravel found on the grounds of The Aldrich, and was a significant touchstone for the development of this exhibition series.
A free opening reception for Site Lines will be held on Sunday, May 1, from 2 to 5 pm, and will offer visitors the opportunity to meet the artists, take exhibition tours, participate in family activities, and purchase gourmet farm-to-museum boxed lunches prepared by Ridgefield's own No. 109 Cheese & Wine. The Aldrich is located at 258 Main Street, Ridgefield, CT. For more information, call 203.438.4519 or visit aldrichart.org . For area information www.litchfieldhills.com
The Museum 
Founded by Larry Aldrich in 1964, The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum is dedicated to fostering the work of innovative artists whose ideas and interpretations of the world around us serve as a platform to encourage creative thinking. It is the only museum in Connecticut devoted to contemporary art, and throughout its fifty- year history has engaged its community with thought-provoking exhibitions and public programs.
The Museum's education and public programs are designed to connect visitors of all ages to contemporary art through innovative learning approaches in hands-on workshops, tours, and presentations led by artists, curators, Museum educators, and experts in related fields. Area schools are served by curriculum-aligned on-site and in-school programs, as well as teachers' professional development training.

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