Thursday, June 23, 2016

The 7th Annual OPEN YOUR EYES Studio Tour 2016 in Litchfield and Thomaston, CT

The Northwest Connecticut Arts Council is presenting the sixth annual Open Your Eyes Studio Tour on June 25 and 26, 2016 in the towns of Litchfield,Bantam, Northfield and Thomaston, CT. The 2016 tour will feature 25 artists and artisans who have their studios in Litchfield, Bantam, Northfield and Thomaston. Participating visual artists and artisans will open their creative spaces and show their processes to the public during the days of the tour. Free Ticket Packets can be ordered through the website and include a map, directions sheets, and convenient sign-in stickers.

Bantam Tileworks

The Studio Tour on June 25 and 26 are free to the public. This year's tour artists include painters, photographers, sculptors, collage and multi-media artists, ceramicists, textile artists, jewelers, a mask maker, illustrators, metal and glass artists, and woodworkers. The artists and artisans are: Richard Heys, Jennifer Sabella, Anne Marie Papineau, Suzan Scott, Susan Wakeen, Jill Davenport, Arif Imse, Joe Yeno, Alex Bouteneff, Carol T. Moore, Amber Maida, Cynthia Zinser, Jessica Jane Russell, Albert Coffill, Bantam Tile Works, Trisha Haulenbeek, Alessandro Morosani, Doreen Breen, Claudia Duhamel, Robin McCahill, Ten to One Artists Group, Will Cummings and Mindscape Industries Artists.

Coffill - Spring Reflection

Free tickets are available online.  The free ticket system helps the art council determine how many people go on the tour and which studios are visited. The free ticket packet includes: your anonymous ticket stickers for signing into each studio, your map and brochure with artist and tour information and driving directions.  Tickets will also be available the day of the tour at Info Stations in Litchfield and Thomaston.  For more information visit the Art Council's website. For more area event information

Susan Wakeen at Work

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