Monday, August 18, 2014

September Workshops at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking

Located in Norwalk on  299 West Ave., the Center for Contemporary Printmaking has organized a series of workshops for  advanced participants as well as beginners.  On September 5-7 for example, Large Prints from a small press will be featured and participants will explore monoprinting methods that defy the size limitations of our presses. Participants create painterly and stencil-raised plates that can be fixed or repositioned. Chine collé techniques will expand the range of imagery and color in the one-of-a-kind prints. Rinsed prints will be demonstratedAll levels.

On September 13-14, Jeanine Espito will show how handmade paper is one of the  most versatile materials around, yet it has not been fully explored as a sculpture medium.  In this workshop you will learn how to make and use handmade paper to create sculpture.  You will learn what kinds of pulp can be used, how to control it and work with it “in the air” and how to dry it.  You will explore a wide variety of techniques including draping, layering, casting over armatures, imbedding, sewing, etc.  The focus of this class will be on learning the basics of handmade paper sculpture and experimenting with as many techniques as possible in the 2 days.  Some prior knowledge of basic papermaking is suggested but not required. All levels.

There will be a three day workshop on Sept. 19-21 with Carolyn Muskat that will focus on aluminum plate lithos.  This workshop will be an intensive introduction to some of the possibilities within lithography.  One of the more challenging of the printmaking mediums, lithography offers the artist an almost unlimited range of mark-making. Working on aluminum plates, we will cover various drawing and image-making methods, processing with greener, more eco-friendly materials, and printing, including printing in color and registration. Whether you have never tried this exciting medium before, or you want to update your litho skills, this class is for you.  All levels.

To round out the month, Ron Pokrasso will run a five day workshop from September 22- 26 that covers a wide range of techniques possible in the monotype process. Through demonstrations, portfolio presentations, lectures and extensive hands on work time participants will come away with a wealth of information and many new tools for their working process. Using all non-toxic water based Akua products, learn to modify, mix, and layer inks with additive and subtractive approaches, including ink rolling methods, the use of stencils and templates, the reworking of the ghost, contact monotype, viscosity, plate and paper registration, chine colle and collage, drawing, and multiple plate projects. The approach is open as each participant’s individual style will help to dictate the direction of the workshop. All levels.

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