Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Worldscapes @ Carole Peck's Good News Cafe

Carole Peck's Good News Cafe located on 694 Main Street South in Woodbury has long been a mecca for art and creatively fresh cuisine. This spring, from April 19 through June 12 the beautiful artwork of Adrienne Zinn will be the backdrop for fine dining in the restaurant's art gallery.

Adrienne Zinn is a self-taught artist who discovered her passion for painting later in life. Born in Bridgeport Connecticut, Adrienne grew up sailing with her father in Long Island Sound and the Gulf of Mexico. Her father’s love of the ocean and his own artistic expression fostered Adrienne’s love of art beginning in early childhood.
Drawn to the people and cultures of distant places, Adrienne’s collections reflect and depict the everyday life of the people and her love for the land and wildlife of Africa and the Antarctic creating these paintings to exemplify a comprehensive portrayal of the beauty of these lands. Loving to work in different mediums, Adrienne has a special expressionist collection called “Berlin”. Using the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin as the model, these paintings reflect her interpretation of this historic era. 
A final and quite special series in Adrienne’s cannon, called “The Tiny House Series”, is a collection of vivid 4”x 4” acrylic on stretched canvas paintings of flowers and garden vegetables making them the perfect added touch to the little nooks and crannies of one’s home. Adrienne’s work has been shown throughout Georgia, in such places as the “Grandview Gallery”. She has also been featured in “Fine Art America” and “The Art Colony”. A Summa Cum Laude graduate of sociology, possessing 28 years in the airline industry, and having experienced the beauty of all seven continents, Adrienne’s collections do indeed reflect the influence of culture and world travel.

Adrienne presently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband Ben Zinn, a retired aerospace engineering professor. In her free time, Adrienne loves gardening, kayaking, and spending time with her mother, brothers, children, daughter-in-law, and four grand-dogs. She loves to communicate with people and speaks both French and Spanish. An avid reader, Adrienne has been a member of a book club for several years. In possessing a love and desire to care for the wildlife of her area, in particular birds, Adrienne happily shares her balcony by welcoming any winged creature to be her guest to the bird bath and several feeders she has provided for them.

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