Thursday, January 12, 2017

Have Whale of a Time @ Maritime Aquarium Norwalk

This January, museum goers are invited to walk through a giant inflatable whale at the Maritime Aquarium located on ten North Water Street in Norwalk.  Guests will see what it's like to stand beside – and inside – a 43-foot life-sized humpback whale, centerpiece of the fun as we invite guests to "Celebrate Whales." All activities offer bonus family fun, and will appeal to teachers and students on field trips too!

This special event places a 43-foot inflatable humpback whale into the Aquarium's central Newman's Own Hall. Stand next to the whale to get a real sense of the creatures' size – especially to realize that some humpbacks (and some other whale species) can grow even bigger. Have your phone ready too, because it's a great 'selfie' – you and a whale! There's even an opening that allows guests to play Jonah and go inside the whale to see its internal organs, including its lungs, heart and stomachs. (Most baleen whales have three stomach compartments.)
Also during "Celebrate Whales" Jan. 7-16, bonus educational stations will let Maritime Aquarium guests touch real baleen, experience first-hand how blubber keeps whales warm, and – in displays created by NOAA's Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary – learn the dangers that whales face on their annual migration.
And check for special screenings of the IMAX movie "Humpback Whales" daily Jan. 7-16 on the Aquarium's six-story screen.

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