Friday, April 15, 2016

Go Fly a Kite! at Stamford Museum & Nature Center

Did you know that the largest kite ever flown was 83 feet long and 131 feet wide? And did you also know that kites do not technically fly? They actually maintain a stall! Who knew? Find out more about the artistic history, the international traditions, and the science behind KITES in this new exhibition, Art on a String: Asian Kites in Flight!

The Stamford Museum and Nature Center has a new spring exhibition that will run through May 30 showing a wide selection of Asian styled kites.
This rich and colorful exhibition presents a comprehensive look at the variety of kites developed and used across the Asian continent. Highlights included a Wau bulan, an intricate Malaysian moon-kite; Indian and Pakistani fighting kites, and hand-painted silk kites from China. Uniforms worn by a Japanese kite fighting team and antique wooden Polynesian string reels illustrate the social and technological elements of Asian kite flying traditions.
The diverse collection ranges in size from tiny to enormous — the Centipede by Li Shang-Pei, Grand Kite Master of Taiwan, is more than fifty feet long! Regional kite design and construction styles demonstrate the scientific principles of aerodynamics and didactic panels by members of the International Kite Flyers Association providing historical and technical details. This family-focused exhibition has international appeal and encourages folks to get outdoors and engage in outdoor family fun. Go Fly a KITE!
A related program is taking place at the Stamford Museum and Nature Center called Kites, Flights and Nights on May 29 from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. Participants will learn to identify common constellations in the planetarium, create a flying machine out of recycled materials, discover how animals, rockets, and planes fly, and try your hand at launching the catapult. Afterward, visit the kite exhibition that will be sure to inspire how you create your kite.
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