Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Challenger Learning Center at the Discovery Museum

This January will mark the 30th anniversary of the Challenger Shuttle Disaster, the abrupt and tragic end of what was meant to be NASA's first mission to promote science education. From this dark moment in NASA's history comes a legacy of learning and profoundly impactful experiences in the form of the Challenger Center - an international network of mock mission control and spacecraft  settings designed to give visitors the experience of conducting a space mission.

The Discovery Museum located on 4450 Park Ave. in Bridgeport Connecticut has a very unique Discovery Learning Center that was created by NASA.  In addition to this, the Discovery Center has a Planetarium and offers planetarium shows that are unique, informative and entertaining.

Discovery's Challenger Learning Center was the 6th in the nation, and remains the only one in Connecticut. Though there are 43 centers worldwide, Discovery's Challenger Learning Center is the only one that is capable of communicating with real satellites and payloads!  The Discovery Museum  will be utilizing their Challenger Learning Center to communicate with near space payloads that young learners and enthusiasts who participate in their programming design - including high altitude balloon and rocket payloads from their NASA funded Rockertry Program.  The space craft side of the Challenger Learning Center has gone through a complete renovation.

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