Friday, June 26, 2015

Open Your Eyes Studio Tour 2015 June 27-28 in Litchfield Hills

The Northwest Connecticut Arts Council is presenting the sixth annual Open Your Eyes Studio Tour on June 27 and 28, 2015 in the towns of Washington, Roxbury, Morris, and Bethlehem, CT. The 2015 tour will feature 27 artists and artisans who have their studios in Washington, Roxbury, Morris, and Bethlehem. Participating visual artists and artisans will open their creative spaces and show their processes to the public during the days of the tour. Free Ticket Packets can be ordered through the website and include a map, directions sheets, and convenient sign-in stickers.

Both the Studio Tour on June 27th & 28th and the Preview Party on June 13th are free to the public. This year's tour artists include painters, photographers, sculptors, collage and multi-media artists, ceramicists, textile artists, jewelers, a mask maker, illustrators, metal and glass artists, and woodworkers. The artists and artisans are Linda West, Ann Harriet Carew, Peter Wooster, Georgette Miller, Katie Re Scheidt, Joan Stracks, Laura Evans, Judy Jackson, Carol Brightman Johnson, Missy Stevens, Will Talbot, Kezia Hearn, Zeb Mayer, Sebastian Tillinger, Charles Raskob Robinson, Larry Livolsi, Markis Tomascak, Tyler Farmen, Betsey Roger-Knox, Andrew Peklo III, Larry Hunt, Matang Gonzales, Steve Eazarsky, Pat Keegan, Steinen Hurtado, Linda Boston, and Robert Crawford.

The Tour Preview Party will be held on Saturday, June 13 from 4-6 pm at Washington Town Hall and will be the only time the Tour artists will all be in the same location at once with samples of their work. Attendance is free, donations welcome, and information about the party is available on the event website

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